We offer a variety of literary programs for kids and teens ages 7-19.

Our classes include:

  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Advanced Creative Writing Workshops
  • Genre-Specific Workshops: Fiction, Poetry, Screenwriting, Drama
  • Book Clubs

Our creative writing workshops are fun and productive; we keep students engaged, challenged and excited about writing. We believe writers thrive in a community where instructors and peers provide them with the encouragement, inspiration and constructive criticism to develop their ideas and strengthen their work. We help our students build confidence and independence in their writing—in language, sentence structure, plot, description, dialogue, and other elements of writing. Our workshops explore multiple genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama and others. Throughout the course of the workshop, we encourage students to complete at least one fully developed piece. Each student will get the chance to read their work aloud, and to get supportive and thorough feedback from their peers and their instructor.

Workshops are small and individualized: we cap our workshops at 8 students. We also work with interested students on submitting their work to student writing awards and literary journals for young writers.

We also offer small-group classes. If you or your child is part of a small group that is looking for a creative writing instructor, email us! We’d love to work with you.

While all advertised classes are on Eastern Time, we have offered Pacific Time classes in the past, and will do so again based on demand.

All of our instructors have taught writing at the university level and hold advanced degrees in creative writing and English. They have published widely, and they have significant experience working with teens and children.

We also offer private tutoring for creative writing, English, test prep, essay writing and college application essays. Our former students have received admission to many universities around the world, including Stanford University, Columbia University, Tufts University, Sarah Lawrence College, University of Wisconsin, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Guelph, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Dublin, University of Glasgow and others.