Welcome to The Young Writers’ Lab

We are The Young Writers’ Lab, a creative community for youth writers, thinkers and creators.

We give young writers the support and space they need to develop their ideas, their dreams and their stories. While putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) is undoubtedly a solitary activity, we believe writers thrive in a collaborative community where instructors and peers provide them with the encouragement, inspiration and constructive criticism to develop their ideas and strengthen their work.

Our workshops provide young people with a creative, fun and intellectually challenging environment–the sort of environment they can’t always find at school. Young writers want the same thing adult writers do: time, space and nurturing. We aim to provide a creative, challenging and stimulating environment where they can take their work to the next level.

We also work one-on-one with creative students to identify their academic and writing weaknesses–and help them harness their strengths to succeed academically. We focus on clarity of expression and creative thinking as the backbone of good writing, both creative and academic.

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